New Circonus Publications (January 2016)

Hi everyone!

Circonus regularly publishes articles to our Knowledge Base, whitepapers, and blog posts on technical challenges and how our product's features can meet them, all in the name of our customer's enablement and success. And that doesn't even include updates to our technical manuals and release notes.

I'm going to start announcing the Circonus whitepapers, blog posts, KB updates, and other articles that have been published each week.

Since it's January, here's what we've published so far this year:

Extending the Power of Log Analysis Tools with Circonus

- A whitepaper, describing how Circonus compliments log analysis tools like Splunk

Show Me the Data

- Heinrich's blog post on spike erosion

The New Grid View – Instant Graphs on the Metrics Page

- A blog post about our new feature, Grid layout options, which includes a video demo

A Primer on Composite Metrics

- A Knowledge Base article on Timing on Custom Metrics

That's it so far, but we'll be announcing more publications next week!

Thank you all for your time and consideration,

Christopher Russo

- Technical Writer

- Knowledge Manager

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