New Feature: Persistent Legend Keys for Dashboard Graphs

In addition to showing full legends when users hover the pointer over them, dashboard graph widgets can now show persistent legend keys over top of the graphs, beside them, or below them.


                   Figure 1: Graph Widget settings. Note the new Persistent Legend Key settings

If you want to display a mini legend key which is always visible, you may place it over top of the graph or outside the graph to the right or below. "Key Location" options include:

  • Hidden
  • Inside
  • Outside Right
  • Outside Bottom

The "Key Size" control uses dashboard grid squares as its units. For example, if you are displaying the key on the outside right with a size of 2, then the key will be two grid squares wide (at full height). If you are displaying the key on the outside bottom with a size of 1, then the key will be one grid square high (at full width). If you are displaying the key inside the graph, then the size controls the key width, although the key is not allowed to be wider or taller than the graph.

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