New Circonus Publications (week of June 6, 2016) and New Feature: C:OSI (Circonus One Step Install)

Hi everyone!

Last week, Circonus published the following new documentation, all relating to the release of C:OSI, the new Circonus One Step Install feature, which allows users to onboard new machines with a single, customizable command.


Circonus Announces C:OSI, One step installation for rapid onboarding



-- This press release announced C:OSI to the public, and describes the feature from a business perspective.

C:OSI Tutorial


-- This support article walks a new user through how quick and simple it is to use C:OSI, and includes an embedded demo video.

Circonus One Step Install, Introducing Quick and Simple Onboarding with C:OSI


-- This blog post explains some of the reasons why C:OSI was developed. We may release a more technical blog post about C:OSI in the future, but in the mean time you can view the pre-existing documentation on Github to get the details.


Last week also saw the launch of the new weekly Circonus newsletter, "The Standard Metric," which includes industry news, best practices, and information about new and old features in Circonus.


The 1st issue of the Standard Metric highlighted:

-- API Monitoring with histograms

-- Circonus's new default system dashboard

-- Keyboard Shortcuts in Circonus


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