New Circonus Publications (week of July 4, 2016)

Hi everyone!

Last week, Circonus published the following new documentation:

Adaptive Availability

-- A slideshow from a presentation by Theo, discussing techniques for building systems that respond to adversarial conditions.


LuaJIT and the IllumosVM

-- In this blog post, Theo describes the advantages of using LuaJIT and Illumos.


Monitorama PDX 2016 - Heinrich Hartmann - Statistics for Engineers

-- Heinrich Hartmann gave this presentation at Monitorama recently, and the recording is now available on our Support Portal.


The 5th issue of the Standard Metric highlighted:

-- Account-Wide Streaming Metrics Playback Toggle

-- Theo's new blog post, Percentages Aren't People

-- Theo's old blog post, The Problem with Math

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