If you are periodically being logged out of Circonus while using an OAuth Single Sign-On account (e.g., Google), the following instructions should help.

OAuth tokens sometimes expire and we need a way to refresh them for you. We've noticed this particularly in the case of Google. By going through the following steps, we will obtain a "refresh token" for you that we will use to keep your access token up to date:

  1. Start by being logged out of Circonus. Click Logout under your username if needed.
  2. Return to the Circonus Login page and log in via OAuth (e.g., for Google, the "G" icon):

  3. Proceed directly to your User Profile page and scroll to the SSO Logins section.
  4. Click the X to revoke your Google SSO Login, and then click Yes, Remove It.

  5. Return to the login screen (should happen automatically) and log in again via Google.

After completing those steps, you should no longer need to repeatedly log in throughout the day. If you continue to experience difficulties please contact Circonus Support for assistance.