A collection of Frequently Asked Questions about IRONdb. Questions and answers are taken from #irondb on Circonus Labs Slack.

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Q: Is it possible to rename a metric?

A: The method for doing that is to create a new metric, read the old data, write it into the new metric and delete the old metric. So copy A->B, verify data is copied properly to B, delete A.

Q: How can we delete the name of the old metric?

A: There are commands in the REST API to delete raw, numeric, text or histogram data from IRONdb.  So currently you can follow the method above and then use the delete for the data type to remove the data from the old metric name after you have verified it was completely copied into the new metric name.

The documentation for deletes can be found at: https://login.circonus.com/resources/docs/irondb/data-deletion-apis.html

Q: What about the metric name itself, it still shows up in find?
A: Currently only the data can be removed, so the name will still exist when doing find.

We are working on delete enhancements that should also allow the removal of the name soon.

You can do the rename now as described above, and in the future when the metric name removal feature is released you will be able to run a new delete.  The future delete will double-check that all data has been removed and also remove the name.

Ref (time-limited): https://circonus-labs.slack.com/archives/C3K4E0WGY/p1533648644000488

Q: Does the listener need UDP firewall access only for inbound traffic? I’m getting a 503 on POSTs
A: The listener (generally on port 8112) needs to be able to have UDP and TCP traffic

Ref: https://circonus-labs.slack.com/archives/C3K4E0WGY/p1533567970000341

Q: Why am I getting a 404 on POSTs to $MyIrondb/graphite/1/foo/bar

A: The check UUID here is foo, not a UUID. Run uuidgen on a Linux workstation and use that

Ref: https://circonus-labs.slack.com/archives/C3K4E0WGY/p1533481232000039