If you're new to Circonus and want a quick overview of what it's all about, this "Getting Started" tutorial is for you. The tutorial will take you through setting up a check, graphing the data collected by the check, and alerting on a check.

Next Step: Terminology, or you can dive in with C:OSI: 

C:OSI for One Step Install of new Hosts
C:OSI will help you onboard new hosts and automatically generate basic checks, graphs, and worksheets.

Or jump to these highlights in the walkthrough and learn to create:

Step 1: Checks

Step 2: Graphs

Step 3: Alerts

Step 4: Analytics

Step 5: Custom Dashboards

This tutorial includes a number of simple tasks that you'll need to do in your own Circonus deployment. Several of the steps include video tutorials so you can follow along, as well as step-by-step instructions. We will also touch on some of the more advanced features that are covered in more detail in separate articles.

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