Metric Clusters help with dynamic environments. This feature allows you to save a search query, such as "5minLoadAverage". You can then see a list of the metrics that match that query, see how they compare to each other, and graph that cluster.

  1. To set up a cluster, go to the "Metric Clusters" page in the UI under the "Collect" section in the main menu.
  2. Click the "New Cluster +" button in the upper right.
  3. Once you name your cluster, you can add a query to the cluster to search for the metrics, then save the query.

  4. Select your cluster from list to view details:
  5. If you want to graph that cluster, you can make a new graph on the "Graphs" page under the "Visualize" section of the main menu, then click the "Metric Cluster +" button in the upper right of the graph edit page. 

Once you create a graph that's attached to a metric cluster, the graph will always show all of the members of that cluster. As new metrics are added to Circonus, you will see them show up in the graph automatically.

For more information on using Metric Clusters, refer to the User Documentation for Metric Clusters.

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