This concludes the New User Walkthrough. We hope you have found it useful and encourage your comments and suggestions.

If you need additional help as you continue to deploy Circonus, there are several additional resources you can use.


Late breaking news, products updates, and other relevant information will be posted to the Announcements Forum. Check the forum regularly to be sure you have the most recent information.

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Circonus Support Team

We want all of our customers to be successful with their Circonus deployments. The dedicated support folks at Circonus are ready and willing to help you out. You can submit your question to our support team here: Submit a Ticket

Circonus Community

When you have a more general question and you are looking for input from a wider audience, the Ask a Question Forum is a great place to start. Perhaps you are looking for input from other Circonus users about how they tackled a specific task, or you want commentary on an idea you have - this is the forum to post in. Circonus Support monitors this forum so its certainly ok (and even encouraged) to ask your technical questions here as well.

You can also join the dialog with Circonus engineers and other Circonus users on the Circonus Labs Community Slack Channel.

Report a Problem

Use the Report a Problem Forum when you think you've spotted a bug. We'll look into it as soon as possible.

Suggest a New Feature

We get great ideas from our users all the time and many of these ideas are implemented. Submit your killer feature request in the Feature Requests Forum and while you're there, be sure to check out all the other great requests and vote on the ones you like most.