There are procedures for migrating checks, graphs, dashboards on one Broker to another.

Migrating a Check

The simplest use case for this procedure is that you have an existing check and you want to apply that same check from a different broker. This scenario can be handled through the Circonus UI in few short steps:
  1. Navigate to the check in question.
  2. Click the "view check details" link.
  3. Click the "change brokers and metrics" link.
  4. Select the additional broker(s) you desire by marking the check box(es).

Inline image 2

Migrating Everything

It is also possible to perform a full broker migration, creating a wholesale copy of one broker to another broker, perhaps with targets in a different data center. This is a more complicated scenario, but you can use the API to perform the operation.

First, identify the broker you want to copy. Use a command like this to read out all the bundles from that broker:

GET /check_bundle?f_broker_has=/broker/<BROKER NUMBER>

Then, do a substitution of the broker and any metric/check info. Finally, put the information back via the API, and the migration is complete.