This video provides instructions for configuring SNMP with Cironcus' brokers and creating an SNMP Check. If you already have SNMP configured skip to 4:45.

This general check type performs an Object Identifier (OID) check with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The OID consists of the object identifier for an object in a Management Information Base (MIB).

SNMP is a standard that has been around for years and allows monitoring of many types of network equipment, servers, and appliances. There is a good chance you already have SNMP configured on most of your hosts, which would significantly lower the up-front setup time. You’ll need to know the OIDs you want to monitor, but check bundle templates can make this process a little easier.

The SNMP check requires the user to enter the specific OIDs required for collection. Below is a sample for a switch port in which we collect various counters and the text name for the port. As you need to enter more OIDs, click the "Add New OID" link to give yourself more inputs on the form. Make sure your OIDs begin with a "." to properly root them to the beginning of the tree. The Name field should be devoid of spaces and will be the metric name used throughout Circonus.

Here's a helpful link for setting up SNMP on UBunut 14.04.