Following up from the blog post here, here's a step by step what I did to get things to work:

  1. Went to github, downloaded and
  2. Created my .circonusapirc file in ~/ , substituting my account_name for "foo" and the API key I created at
  3. cd'ed to the python-circonusapi-master directory and ran "sudo ./ install".
  4. cd'ed to the circonusvi-master.
  5. Ran ./ and got a nasty error ending with "TokenNotValidated".
  6. Went back to, refreshed the page, and clicked on "Allow Access"
  7. Re-ran ./ And whammo - it works! Got the full list of stuff from my account.

Note you can use different editors - very cool - with the -E option (nano or emacs editors are options). You can play around with the -e option to filter on specific things your interested in, and the other options.

The line of code that does the matching:, which does a regular expression match. The engine is python regular expressions, and documentation on how it works is available at and

Let me know if you have any questions