Initial HipChat Integration Sample

While our dev team is investigating the idea of making HipChat one of the options for a contact group, we've come up with a simple way to push alerts into your HipChat rooms using our webhook feature in rules. Both of these methods involve getting a V1 API key from the HipChat Group Admin page, located here at "" You'll also need to know the API ID of the room you want to message, which can be found by clicking on the room in ""

Option 1

The first option is to create a contact that posts against the HipChat API directly. This is the quickest way to send a message, but it's very limited in that you have to define the message in the URL. If you create a new contact group and add a new member, you can enter the following URL into the "New Contact" field:

You can modify the message in this, but it's hard-coded into the contact, so you'd probably want to make different contacts for the different messages you want. This is limited, but is the quickest to get going.

Option 2

The second option is to have an HTTP server set up that can accept POST requests from Circonus alerts, use that data, then form an API call to HipChat. An example of this created in Python using the Tornado library is located on Github. If you'd like to get this going, you'll need to modify the file and enter your auth_token and room_id, plus you can change the port. To start the server, you'll need to install Pip (if necessary), the "requests" Python library, and the "tornado" Python library. Here are the commands to do that:

wget python pip install requests pip install tornado python

Once this is running (meaning it's sitting with a blank line), you can set up a contact group with a new member set to:


The Tornado server then captures the alert data, grabs the fields, figures out if it's a clear event or a new event, and then posts a detailed message to the HipChat room. Here's an example of the event details, along with the corresponding HipChat message:

{u'alerts': [{u'metric_name': u'rtt', u'check_name': u'Google dns test', u'alert_value': u'9.64', u'alert_id': u'8347059', u'agent': u'Ashburn, VA, US', u'check_id': 77831, u'host': u'', u'alert_time': u'Tue, 18 Feb 2014 19:19:07', u'alert_url': u'', u'metric_notes': u'Check dashboard, restart server', u'metric_link': u'', u'check_bundle_id': 57620, u'severity': u'2'}], u'account_name': u'Parlette Demo'}

Circonus Alert (2:42 PM): SEVERITY 2 - Google dns test - - rtt - Value = 9.64 - 

The fields used in the message can be easily modified based on what is useful to you.