Installing NAD

First, install NAD by either building it yourself or using a pre-built package.

Here's an example of building it yourself (done on CentOS):

% sudo yum install epel-release

% sudo yum install nodejs

% wget

% unzip

% cd nad-master/

% sudo make install-rhel

% sudo /etc/init.d/nad start

Here's an example of installing our pre-built packages (look for your OS and 32 or 64 bit version):

On Centos:

% sudo rpm -i

% sudo /etc/init.d/nad start

On Ubuntu

% wget

% dpkg -i YOUR_SYSTEM_nad_file.deb

Then test it:

% curl http://localhost:2609/

How to extend Nad?

Nad runs a series of scripts, located in /opt/circonus/etc/node-agent.d. If you want to extend, check out

Beginning on line 79, there is a description summarizing the format that the scripts should be in. If you want to modify the checks, or create your own, you can either edit the existing scripts or add your own script there. Then, when you go back to the UI, you will see your changes or additions automatically.