Check Type Guides:

NOTE: This page DOES NOT contain all the Checks that available in Circonus. All the Check types available in Circonus are documented in the User Manual. but these Overview Guides provide detailed step-by-step instructions for specific Check types. If more Check Guides are created, they will be added to the list. If a Check you are interested in is not yet listed, contact us!

This article lists just a few of the Checks that are available in Circonus. The PDF files that are listed below provides you with an overview of the Check with easy to follow instructions on which buttons to click, the order that data should be entered into the form, and information on the what the fields are and what could be entered into them.

If you use the API (see the API documentation) for creating Checks, then these documents can be used to give you some insight into what are the required and optional fields for the Check, thereby making your coding for the API easier to create.

The following is the list of available Check Guides:

 Adding_a_Check (Overview)



 External Check


 NAD Agent (RHEL/Centos, Ubuntu, Illumos (SmartOS, OmniTI, OpenIndiana, etc.)





 Windows Agent (requires .NET 4.0)

 Windows NAD Agent