Quick tutorials to help get you started on your Circonus account.

The videos in this collection can all be found here in the Video Tutorial section the Circonus Support Portal, and a convenient playlist can be found on the Circonus YouTube Channel for the video links listed below.

Highlevel Circonus Overview


Video 1a - Adding a Check - Ping Check

Video 1b - Adding a Check - Http Check

Video 1c - Adding a Check - Composite Check

Video 1d - Adding a Check - Redis Check Tutorial

Video 1e - Adding a Check - Postgresql

Video 1f - Adding a Check - JSON:nad

Video 1g - Adding a check - JSON:pull Check

Video 1h - Adding a Check - SNMP Check


Video 2a Creating a Graph


Video 3a Creating Rulesets


Video 4a All About Histograms


5a Dashboards, an Overview

If there are any other topics you would like to see Circonus talk about in a How-To Tutorial please comment below or email hello@circonus.com