Theo Schlossnagle - Node Summit 2012 - theCUBE

The Cube - Node Summit 2012 - Theo Schlossnagle, Circonus, with John Furrier and Alex Williams

Theo Schlossangle, the founder of service provider OmniIT and the CEO of Circonus, the maker of an app monitoring SaaS, attended this week’s Node Summit and gave his take on the value that can be found in Node.js, the open-source programming language that is the gathering’s main theme. He shared his insight at theCube with SiliconANGLE’s John Furrier and Alex Williams (see full interview below).

Schlossangle summed up his hands-on experience with Node.js, which has been rather positive. His engineers discovered that it can help reduce the time it takes to complete projects, and there’s less maintenance required in the long run. He noted that simplicity is one of the major advantages of Node.js, which borrows a lot from JavaScript, and that this aspect is driving a lot of adoption among developers who seek to make their jobs somewhat easier.

The industry veteran said that this very factor can solve a lot of tension between the front-end and backend of IT infrastructure. Schlossangle pointed out that software engineering best practices don’t always encompass how an app runs on an operational level; too often poorly, due to reasons such as tempered office culture and rivalry between different departments. Node.js offers a workaround for this category of broken code, at least to some extent.

Sclossangle expanded on this, discussing the positive points of the Stanford-developed language. Scalability came up first, followed by the ability to run the same code on both the backend and frontend, though only a few companies have implemented this approach so far. Overall, he thinks of Node.js as a young ecosystem that’s likely to stick around, and see handsome growth in the future. It still needs to find a solid direction though, and mobile is a particularly strong candidate because of the way Node.js’s architecture works.